To start service please sign up. To pay for existing service please log in. All residential accounts receive weekly automated pick-up and include waste, organics, and commingle curbside recycling services.


You may choose the container size that best fits your waste needs. You may change your service size any time by logging in to your account.


  1. Keep lids closed to Prevent:
    • Attracting flies, birds, rats and other pests
    • Lightweight waste from being blown out of containers and littering neighborhoods
    • Unpleasant odors during warm weather
    • Rain water from pooling inside the containers
    • Over-full container charges
  2. Use only the containers provided by Paso Robles Waste & Recycle
  3. No hazardous materials such as oil, pesticides, paint or cleaners.
  4. Place bins at curb no later than 6am on your pick-up day
  5. Maintain three feet of space between bins and cars


View our list of recyclable materials and check back for updates. Our list increases as recycling technology improves. We offer weekly curbside pick-up of household commingled recyclables (blue cart) and organics waste (green cart) for all residential customers.


Clean organics waste is a must. Our organics waste truck has a video camera to monitor organics waste container contents as it is emptied. Containers contaminated with trash will receive a service charge of $7.40 per incident. Repeat offenders will have containers removed.


It’s easy, convenient and free. Call our office to schedule a pick-up of your used motor oil. We will provide you with a 15-quart capacity oil container and an oil filter bag.


The San Luis Obispo Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA) has provided us with containers to accept your household batteries and electronic waste, which are located at our office. You can drop off your materials Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm.

Batteries in the landfill present many health and environmental risks. By recycling these products, we will be cutting down on the amount of natural resources needed to produce the never-ending supply of batteries that our society has come to depend on.


The San Luis Obispo IWMA has provided us with containers to accept your household fluorescent lamps and tubes at our office. You can drop off your materials Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm.

For information about safely recycling or disposing of fluorescent lamps and tubes, visit the California Integrated Waste Management Board website,

Rates & Billing

To view your bill, please visit Pay Bill. Payment methods accepted are cash, check, and VISA/MasterCard. We also offer recurring monthly ACH or VISA/MasterCard payments in addition to e-Invoices.

To view current rates please enter your address.

Extra Services


If you have more trash than what fits into your regular service, you can buy tags for $3 each by calling our office. These tags will cover a 32-gallon container whether it is a box, bag or can (50 lbs. or less).


We offer 3- and 4-yard temporary bin service. You can order a bin any time you have a larger-than-normal volume of garbage to dispose of. These bins are great for home remodeling and construction projects. Learn More


If you have difficulty getting your container to the curb, you can sign up for in-yard service. Your regular driver will come into your yard to retrieve your container, empty it, and then return it to your yard. In many cases we are able to offer this service at no additional charge. All you need is a valid doctor’s note. Upon requesting in-yard service, a supervisor will perform a site visit to verify feasability.


We can collect bulky items. Please call our office for an estimate. Bulky items include appliances, furniture, mattresses, any over-sized item that will not fit into your container. Read below for more information about our annual Clean-Up Week for bulky items.

Holiday Schedule

Our company runs a regular service schedule 51 weeks a year. We do not change our regular pickup schedule for any holidays except Christmas Day. During Christmas week, service on or after Christmas Day is delayed by one day.


Regular Service Day

Service Day for Christmas Week


Tuesday, December 26th, 2017


Wednesday, December 27th, 2017


Thursday, December 28th, 2017


Friday, December 29th, 2017


Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Service will return to the regular schedule starting January 1st, 2018.


For no additional charge, you can place your whole (please cut trees that are taller than 6’) undecorated tree at the curb on your regular service day between December 26, 2017 through January 5, 2018. We will be operating an additional truck that will be picking up just the Christmas trees. We are unable to accept flocked trees (fake snow) since they can not be composted. If you have any questions or concerns please call our office.


  • Have your tree at the curb on your regular pick-up day no later than 6am
  • Remove all decorations
  • Remove the stand
  • Do not cut it up unless taller than 6’
  • Make sure it is visible to the drivers (it’s best to place it next to your trash can, but not blocking it)
  • We won’t accept flocked trees for recycling (you’ll need to cut it up and place it in your trash can)
  • We will not collect trees with decorations or stands

Residential Clean-Up – New & Improved!

What’s better than having a free cleanup day? Choosing when you get it. While Clean-Up Week no longer exists, each residential customer will receive one free clean-up day for up to seven items per year. Just call our office to schedule a pickup when you’re ready.

Terms & Conditions

  • Service available to residential customers only. Apartments are considered commercial accounts and are not eligible to participate. Bags, boxes, or bundles may not exceed 60 lbs.
  • Individual items may not exceed 120 lbs. (couches, appliances, etc.); Individual items must be safely moved by two workers by hand. Heavier items or containers will be left uncollected. Items beyond 2-cubic yards will be left unless prior arrangements were made with the office.
  • No liquids. No toxic or hazardous materials (paint, chemicals, medical waste, oil, gasoline, etc.). Lawnmowers and other yard equipment must be drained of oil and gasoline.
  • Customer must call in beforehand and schedule the pickup. The pickup day may not necessarily be on their regular collection day.
  • Place your bulky items on the curb no later than 6am on your reserved collection day. Be sure it doesn’t block your normal containers.